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About QCP

The Qatar Culinary Professionals


The Qatar Culinary Professionals (QCP) is the association of professional chef’s in Qatar. It is not-for profit organization dedicated to maintaining, advancement and improving the international culinary prestige of the Qatar.

The World Association of Chefs Societies (Worldchefs) is a global network of chefs association first founded in October 1928 at the Sorbonne in Paris. Today the this global organization has over 100 officials chefs associations as members, comprising over 10 million professional chefs worldwide.

The Worldchefs endorses the QCP as the authorized Qatar culinary institute. The QCP, thereby has an international culinary focus and multi-national support for the staging of its various competition, training, seminars and events.

The membership of the QCP is open to all those professionally and solely involved in the preparation of food. Anyone interested in the QCP or its activities and requiring further information can contact by email or call on +974 4479-2221.

News & Events
  • 25-26-27
    GLOBAL CHEF CHALLENGE FINAL Global Chef’s Challenge Finals (Global Chefs, Global Pastr....
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  • 18-20
    October -2016
    QCP SALON CULINAIRE 2016 on HQ Qatar Culinary Professionals proudly presents its Salon Culi....
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  • May and October -2016
    Chefs Social Event Qatar Culinary Professionals will organize a Social Gatherin....
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  • April -2016
    QCP Corporate Roadshow 2016 Our Corporate Partners will showcase their New and Exciting ....
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  • March -2016
    QCP in Qatar International Food Festival 2016 ....
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  • 13
    Hospitality Qatar 2015 Hospitality Qatar 2015 is one of the few 360 degrees shows i....
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  • 05
    QCP- First National Culinary Competition in Qatar ....
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  • 27
    US Beef HRI Training & Workshop ....
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  • 7
    New Zealand Food Event Launching ....
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  • 26
    QIFF-QCP Ice Carving Competition Qatar Culinary Professionals hosted an Ice carving competiti....
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